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Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and The Pitfalls of Misconception of Creation of Mankind

         Intractable Poverty In Africa: The Burden of “Black Tent” Mindset.

Despite all the scientific, historical and ecclesiastical evidence that there is only one human race, this current edition of Homo Sapiens has clung tenaciously to the false idea of “Human Races”. Compounding the problem is the fact that this notion of different “Races” of mankind is based almost entirely on skin color.

Because of the extent and severity of poverty in Africa, the widespread notion in our time is that Africans— famously referred to as “those poor black folks in Africa” are the least capable of all the “human races”. Even more sad is to hear the self-degradation of Sub-Saharan Africans saying, “But we blacks cannot do these things” referring to innovations and discoveries found among other continental groups.

The genesis of this deeply entrenched negativity, self-degradation and can’t do mindset among many Africans across all social and economic spectra, and indeed among many in the African Diaspora is very puzzling. Even more puzzling is the depth of the conviction among the aficionados of this undiscerning stereotypical conceptualization of fellow human beings based entirely on skin color.

Africans, and in particular Sub-Saharan Africans must abandon this “black tent” mindset, i.e. the tent of the human skin and its color. They must know the truth, and this is the absolute truth: THE COLOR OF THE SKIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUALITY OF THE OUTPUT OF THE HUMAN BRAIN. Until Sub-Saharan Africans grasp this concept and develop their societies accordingly, not much will change in the region. No amount of foreign Aid or magnitude of the largess from China or India will reverse the poverty in the region.