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About Initiatives & Campaigns

The basic tenet of our operations is local community based and community driven development. At the core of this development is the provision of decent basic education for the children and young men and women in the community.
Our projects are both capital and programmatic.
LIBRARY: Renovation of school building to be used as library. Equip and furnish the library. Employ a librarian.
Purchase textbooks for the Students and Teachers.
Purchase and maintain a riding machine which the teachers can ride to the Local Government School Headquarters to attend the required monthly and quarterly meetings with the Local Government officials.
Repair the dilapidated roads leading to the villages.These very bad roads make recruitment of teachers from outside the villages virtually impossible. In addition, the farmers and merchants in the villages face significant difficulty transporting their crops and products to the markets in the surrounding towns. Thus, the parents of the school children, most of whom are farmers can not even sell their farm products, and this situation perpetuates the cycle of poverty.
1. Continue to pay the salaries of the teachers needed to meet the complement of teachers required in the schools.
2. Purchase basic equipments and teaching materials.
3. PACAW LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. This is a biennial intensive one week leadership course for the teachers during the long vacation. The course will focus, inter alia, on leadership, and on the content of the civics lessons for the students. PACAW, Inc. is fully aware of the fact that the NEW Education Culture it intends to introduce to the pupils will only be effective if the teachers are well grounded in its basics. Thus, it is important to engage the teachers in the content of this philosophy of education which they will then pass on to the students.



APRIL 2024.


THE BOARD OF PACAW Inc. has been meeting approximately biweekly with Mr. Sunday Omolu, president of Olise-Omolu foundation, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria to plan the inaugural Senior High School essay competition in Nigeria. Our goal is to begin this essay competition in six states in Nigeria. So far, we have identified and contacted heads of senior high schools in three states,. viz. Lagos, Delta and Kwara states. The fourth state we have identified is Kogi state and we will contact the education officials in the state very soon ti inform them about the project.

We will keep you posted as the structure of the project takes shape.
Your support for the essay competition and our other projects would be greatly appreciated.




Beginning in the 2024 school year which starts in September, PACAW will launch an annual multi State high school essay competition in Nigeria for Senior high school students. This endeavour will be in collaboration with our  partner: OLISE OMOLU FOUNDATION;

 The main purpose is to get Nigerian youths to think differently about who they are, their innate capabilities, the meaning and purpose of life, their responsibilities not only to their families, friends, village or town of origin and state, but ultimately, their responsibility to their nation and Africa at large. Furthermore to get them to develop a “Can Do” mindset instead of waiting for Foreign Aid from Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. Also, to embrace the spirit of selflessness, INCORRUPTIBILITY and nation building. 

We believe very strongly that this step is pivotal in the future turning around of Nigeria's hitherto and current unsustainable self destructive proclivities powered by mammoth corruption and self centeredness of the leadership and profound failure of mindset.

We are seeking donations and sponsorships from individuals and corporations for this project. Your support is much needed and would be greatly appreciated.

We are also seeking funding for two additional projects.

1. To build science laboratories in two public high schools run by State and local governments. Many public high schools in Nigeria have sadly been totally neglected by the leaders. THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE THAT IS VERY CLOSE AND DEAR TO MY (S. A. AYENI's) HEART. PLEASE STAY TUNED TO MUCH MORE ON THIS IN MY WRITINGS AND SPEECHES.

2. Leveling --Grading -- (better still, tarring) the road that connects a remote village where PACAW operates in Kwara state to the neighboring town. The road is simply awful, impassable even by Nigeria's very unfortunate ignoble low standards of transportation infrastructure. The sub-human condition of this road has significantly hampered the ability of the village to retain teachers for its primary and secondary schools for decades.  



Posted  October 9, 2014.

Two vital components of PACAW Inc,'s approach to the education of these future leaders of Africa were addressed in Summer 2014. The first was the completion and equipping of the libraries for the primary and secondary schools in Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State, Nigeria and the completion and equipping of the Computer Center in the primary school  in the same village.  The dedication ceremony of these facilities was performed on September 13, 2014 on the grounds of the primary school.

The second major project was the "FIRST ANNUAL PACAW Inc. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY" for the teachers, young graduates from tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria and community leaders which took place from September 1-5, 2014 in Kwara State, Nigeria. One day was devoted to each of the following topics: COURAGE;  EDUCATION;  JUSTICE;  WISDOM  and PUBLIC SERVICE,  following the wordings on our LOGO. The teachers were seriously admonished to pass the information and knowledge they acquired during the academy to the students as often as possible; daily, if possible.

Please see the NEWS AND PUBLICATIONS SECTION for the addresses delivered during the dedication ceremony of  the libraries and computer center, and the schedule for the first three days of the PACAW ACADEMY.




The new library and computer center for the primary school at Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State, Nigeria which was dedicated on September 13, 2014.


The new library and computer center for the primary school at Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State,
Nigeria. Donated by Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch (PACAW) Inc. It was dedicated on September 13, 2014.


The new library for the secondary school at Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State, Nigeria. Donated by Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch Inc. It was dedicated on September 13, 2014.

Participants at the PACAW Inc. Leadership Academy, September, 2014 and Dr. Ayeni, (middle row, fifth from left).