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Basic Education


One of the greatest impediments  to progress in most of the nations of sub-Saharan Africa is the calamitous state of education at all levels, in these nations. The education deficit in the nations of sub-Saharan Africa constitutes a serious emergency which contributes significantly to the failure of these nations. The pitiful state of education in these nations, especially public education, has profound negative regional and global consequences.

A situation whereby the second largest continent on earth has millions of uneducated and ill-educated young men and women does not bode well for the future security of the continent or the world.

Quality Basic Education, beginning in pre-kindergarten is the main pillar for the health and wealth of nations. Providing quality public basic education for all the children in the community that we serve is a major focus for us. The same focus will be maintained as we move to other states within Nigeria and later to other countries depending of course on funding.