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Programs & Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

On site and on-going monitoring of PACAW, Inc. programs are performed by the members of the local organizing committee. The coordinator of PACAW, Inc. programs in the state is the custodian of all the records related to the monitoring. Assessment and evaluation of the programs are also performed by board members from USA. In 2015, PACAW, Inc. President visited our sites in Nigeria twice, in March and September respectively. Both visits were very productive.

A particularly gratifying accomplishment during the September 2015 visit was the dismantling of 'three grades to a classroom' in one of the public primary schools where we operate. Despite the fact that PACAW, Inc. provides the majority of the teaching staff in this public primary school, the local and  state governments did not provide sufficient number of teachers and were content with packing three grades; nursery 1, nursery II and kindergarten into one class. The current widespread practice in Nigeria of combining two or three grades in a classroom has crossed the proverbial red line. It is a practice that was totally unthinkable during the colonial era, at least in Nigeria. We continue to monitor this situation very closely in addition to other issues that impact the education of the children.