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Community Economic Empowerment Program


The CEEP will provide loans via micro-lending mechanism to farmers, petty traders and other small businessmen and women in the community. The farmers, for example, can use the loans to acquire tools, equipments and storage facilities. In addition to maximizing the output of the crops from their farms, the farmers will be able to build structures like barnes and animal stables. The local organizing committee for PACAW, Inc. projects will work out the structure and qualifying criteria for the loans and guidelines for repayment. This document will be thoroughly reviewed by the board of PACAW, Inc. for approval. The application for the loans would detail the amount and the purpose for which the funds will be utilized.The loans will be at very low interests. All repaid loans and interest will be put back into the CEEP Fund. This money, together with, we hope, generous contributions from the citizens, will be used to gradually phase in community control of PACAW, Inc. programs.