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Unfortunately, the state of secondary school education in most of the nations of sub-Saharan Africa is not better than that of primary school education. Indeed, the shameful deficits are magnified by the fact that the solidification of knowledge in the sciences, mathematics and technology which should take place at the secondary school level is virtually non existent.  Any visit to most of these public secondary schools whether in the cities or in the villages is indeed a sad spectacle. It is nothing short of absolute disgrace. Sadly, many of the private secondary schools fare no better.

Thus, we try to duplicate our primary school programs in the secondary school. In addition to helping to make sure that the students have access to quality teaching staff in the core curricullum, the PACAW, Inc. teachers are reminded frequently to impact the altruistic philosophy of PACAW, Inc in these young students.The goal is to have a critical mass of a new and different generation of African leaders who will champion de facto development of Africa by Africans.

Our hope is that  these " NEW " African nations will become productive contributors to the human family of nations, and partners with the other developed nations rather than dependents drowning in a culture of chronic beggarliness. PACAW, Inc. believes that intelligence, capability, courage and good character are spread handsomely by our CREATOR across all segments of the Human race. Thus, with the right type of education, and persistent help from altruistic and visionary mentors, the new leadership in sub-Saharan Africa would possess the character, vision and spirit to establish the culture that will rescue their nations.