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Who We Are


The Mission of Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch (PACAW), Inc. is threefold.
First: To nurture and develop a different generation of African leaders through the vehicle of access to a new education culture at the basic level and secondary school level. A type of education that will focus on turning the gaze of the children away from avarice, extortion, selfishness, the vain, and obsession with accumulation of material wealth, and prepare them for leadership that embraces living for a higher purpose. There must be a profound transformation of the mind of future generations of African leaders from "Me, my family and cronies" to "We The People". This is the core of our Mission and the mainstay of PACAW's goal.

Second: Biennial PACAW Leadership Academy. The Academy is primarily for the teachers, the young graduates from the country's tertiary educational institutions and community leaders. The lessons learnt during the Academy are expected to be conveyed to the students.

Third: Community Economic Empowerment Program. The program is intended to lift up the community economically. The goal is that eventually, hopefully within ten years of the inception of our programs, we can transfer, or at least begin to transfer the programs to the community, the local government and perhaps, the state government. This is designed to break the cycle of dependency which is deeply entrenched in many nations of Sub-Saharan Africa.

PACAW, Inc. teachers and community leaders during the PACAW, Inc. Leadership Academy in Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State, Nigeria in September, 2014. PACAW, Inc. President, Dr. Ayeni, is in the middle row, fifth from left.

Mrs. Dupe Igunnu, (left side of picture), Board Member and Coordinator for PACAW, Inc. projects in Kwara and Kogi States, Nigeria with community leaders at the primary school in Koro-Ekiti, Kwara State.